Period Perfect Vintage Signs

Period Perfect Vintage Signs



     First, we need to point out that these are not your typical “Craft Quality” vintage or rustic signs. My background is as a professional sign painter and artist with over 40 years of experience, and what I set out to do in my Period Perfect art series was to recreate the look and feel of decades old signage, contemporary creations with a vintage soul. The real art comes in with our special processes for aging and weathering, and the fact that they are all HAND MADE, HAND LETTERED with NO computer cut stencils, no silk screening or photos glued to wood which in turn guarantees that no two of our creations are alike.

To achieve an almost indistinguishable tribute, the process begins with reclaimed lumber as well as vintage nails and hardware when possible. Each piece is assembled and created using the same techniques, materials and skills as were used by craftsmen long ago including enamel paints, gold leaf, silver leaf, and bronzing powders when applicable; in other words, whatever it takes to make the highest quality most authentic “Vintage” sign possible.

Our Period Perfect Signs can add a visual impact to your home, office, garage as well as commercial establishments like pubs, restaurants, shops etc. We can also do custom orders to your specifications and enjoy working with individuals as well as interior designers and architects looking to add a bit of historical warmth to a project.

If you’re interested in availability, or having a custom sign painted please feel free to call us at 262 654 1425 or send an email with any questions to  Thank you for your interest in our art.


*The Harley-Davidson and Farm Fresh Eggs signs are still available, Check ‘um out!


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This large 50″ X 25 3/4″ sign is still available, contact us for more information.





This 8 3/4" X 29" farm sign is still available, please contact us for more information.

This 8 3/4″ X 29″ farm sign is SOLD! But we can always make another.

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