Period Perfect Vintage Signs

Period Perfect Vintage Signs




     For a long time “Big Nick” Solovey and Garage No.7 have been synonymous with high quality hand lettering, pinstriping and airbrushing in the custom automotive and motorcycle industry. After four plus decades, I’ve come full circle back to my sign painting roots but with a twist. I’ve combined my lettering skills with my love of history and have created Period Perfect Vintage Signs. These are not your typical craft fair signs or soulless mass-produced imports but hand-made, hand-painted bespoke works, made with some of the same materials and all the craftsmanship of a sign writer a century ago. Each sign is unique in its detail and when possible reclaimed and salvaged woods and hardware is used, and along with our painstaking aging techniques create a contemporary sign with a true vintage soul.

     Period Perfect Vintage Signs from Garage No.7 will add a visual impact to your home, office, garage or commercial establishment like no other decorative items can. We also do custom signs to order and are comfortable working with designers and architects. Please feel free to contact us at or by phone at: 262 654 1425.

Thank you for your interest in our art.

“Big Nick” Solovey



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This 8 3/4" X 29" farm sign is still available, please contact us for more information.

This 8 3/4″ X 29″ farm sign is SOLD! But we can always make another.

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Attorney’s name sign (4″ X 24″) to match Attorney At Law sign.
Lettered in Gold Bronzing powder and spun silver leaf tooth.