About Us

About Us

” Sanctuary For Devotees Of The Internal Combustion Engine”

The current Garage No. 7 is the culmination of an obsession that started for me at a very young age for automobiles, motorcycle and quite frankly, anything motorized.  I was one of those kids who could sit on the front steps of his parents’ house and name the make and model of almost every car and motorcycle that passed.  I survived on a steady diet of Hot Rod, Car Craft and Road & Track magazines, slot cars and model kits, much to the chagrin of my teachers and parents who just couldn’t understand.

From these humble beginnings, combined with my other passion, art, sprouted a 40 plus year career in the custom automotive and motorcycle industry as a master pinstripier, airbrush artist, free-hand sign painter and designer.  Throughout my years, I have had the privilege to work on scores of custom show cars and bikes, racing vehicles of all types and other unique projects, as well as meeting some very interesting and talented people along the way.

Today Garage No. 7 is moving forward and ever expanding.  We now have an on-line store that is growing on an almost daily basis, in an attempt to bring items of interest to all motor enthusiasts and collectors alike, from coffee table books to hard to find rarities, collectables, one-offs as well as motoring art for home, office or the Garage!  The future holds some very interesting additions and planned expansion for the Garage No. 7 brand, in an unending attempt to become a true one-stop department store and information center for the Gearhead and serious enthusiast.

Nick “Big Nick” Solovey